Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes illustration for the New Yorker, which unfortunately was unused. The palette and setting were inspired by Bruegel, who's painting donned the cover of their self titled 2008 release!


Please, NO!

I started this illustration ages ago... only I kept procrastinating because it was hard to look at after reading the news!
Don't forget– debate tonight at 9!



Here are the posters, un-obscured, from my music piracy piece.


'Why Myspace Music Won't Succeed' for Seattle Weekly

I really enjoyed making this piece for Seattle Weekly! Here's the article online (and also another from the same issue– it's Sun City Girls related)


The Bailout

Here's my piece from today's New York Times Op Ed page! It was my first chance to work with the new art director, and it was a pleasure! Here are the letters online for you to check out.


Back from summer vacation and dressing fancy!

Aah. Back from vacation relaxed and ready to jump back into work!
vid from on Vimeo.
Finally got a peek at "The Artist's Guide to Dressing Fancy!" (#2 in The Artist's Guide series) Thanks to Matt & Sam for including my sunglasses illo!
buy it here!