◊ Tomby portfolio site ◊

So I came into some webspace recently and decided to put up a portfolio site of my favorite blog images. It's super basic at the moment as I am working on jazzin' it up, but you should all go take a look. Comments/suggestions welcome! I'll be sure to let you all know when the finished site takes it's place.


Shades of time.

Who's ready for spring or at least a proper winter blizzard. This middle of the road weather does nothing for me.



I'm working on some long-term projects at the moment- including a proper tomby website! So keep an eye out. I'll be back with a new illo tomorrow.


Your Escape to Reality

Thanks, Andy, for introducing me to 'The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe!' It's a rad podcast (my new favorite) dedicated to discussing science news and debunking the paranormal. Download it via itunes or their website:
By the way- Happy New Year!