Acoustic Ladyland

Canceled contributors!

My first go at illustrating contributors was unfortunately quelled by the untimely demise of Skybussing magazine! Here's Graham, Tony and Susan.


In—progress band illo:

I'm working on an assignment today, and don't have time to do a proper post- but here's a glimpse at another band piece... this one still needs lots of work yet. So keep an eye out, I'll be posting the finished one soon.



The website has been updated once again! This time, I think, for keeps. Now you can check out both the blog and the site in one fell swoop!



Empty yer pockets...

Jordan Awan Solo Show!

"I Think I've Come To See Myself At Last," acrylic on canvas, 8"X10", 2008

Pink Elephant Projects presents

Jordan Awan
It's Not That I Don't Want To Live,
It's That I Don't Want To Die

Opening Friday April 4, 8- 10pm
April 4- May 10, 2008

64 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205 Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm

Directions: G train to Clinton- Washington, exit via NE Washington stairs, walk north 4 blocks to 64 Washington Ave.