Family Circle

Here's a nice full page illustration and spot for this months Family Circle. It's about texting with your teenagers to keep connected. The spot is for a sidebar about texting manners.
Expect to see some new work on here soon! I've been busy finishing up these and noshing on pumpkin pie the past month!


Bully Pulpit

Hope you saw yesterday's New York Times! Here's my illustration for 'A Rewired Bully Pulpit.'


Shrek on Broadway

Here's a piece I did for this week's 'On the Horizion' section of the New Yorker!

found on youtube

Nick found this video using an old illustration of mine on youtube.
original post


Fred n' Fanny

Here are some sketches from the NY Times piece I did a while back.
I've been kept busy by new work recently. I'm looking forward to sharing it once it hits the stands!


WFoF blawg headers

I've been playing around with headers for Welcome Friend or Foe. Once we get a sizable bunch of them it's time to install a random loading header image!

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes illustration for the New Yorker, which unfortunately was unused. The palette and setting were inspired by Bruegel, who's painting donned the cover of their self titled 2008 release!


Please, NO!

I started this illustration ages ago... only I kept procrastinating because it was hard to look at after reading the news!
Don't forget– debate tonight at 9!



Here are the posters, un-obscured, from my music piracy piece.


'Why Myspace Music Won't Succeed' for Seattle Weekly

I really enjoyed making this piece for Seattle Weekly! Here's the article online (and also another from the same issue– it's Sun City Girls related)


The Bailout

Here's my piece from today's New York Times Op Ed page! It was my first chance to work with the new art director, and it was a pleasure! Here are the letters online for you to check out.


Back from summer vacation and dressing fancy!

Aah. Back from vacation relaxed and ready to jump back into work!
vid from on Vimeo.
Finally got a peek at "The Artist's Guide to Dressing Fancy!" (#2 in The Artist's Guide series) Thanks to Matt & Sam for including my sunglasses illo!
buy it here!



A fun 'un for Minneapolis' Citypages– the Aquatennial!
–the milk carton boat race and sand castle competition on Lake Calhoun–


Night Rider

What a busy (and seldom posted) summer month– Looking forward to getting more posts up on here!

Gilberto Gil

Portrait of Brazilian singer-songwriter and Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, for this week's New Yorker! Jashar Awan also has an awesome piece in this issue: here.


Quickie for Maxim

in the current Marissa Miller issue

6 portraits in 6 hours! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out though- and looking forward to seeing it in print once this 99° heat subsides!


Celebrity Startups for Wired

Hammer >>>

Ashton Kutcher >>>

Kanye West >>>

David Caruso >>>

Andrew Shue >>>

Such a fun assignment! I was glad to see Evah Fan was in the same issue, the page after mine actually.


Acoustic Ladyland

Canceled contributors!

My first go at illustrating contributors was unfortunately quelled by the untimely demise of Skybussing magazine! Here's Graham, Tony and Susan.


In—progress band illo:

I'm working on an assignment today, and don't have time to do a proper post- but here's a glimpse at another band piece... this one still needs lots of work yet. So keep an eye out, I'll be posting the finished one soon.



The website has been updated once again! This time, I think, for keeps. Now you can check out both the blog and the site in one fell swoop!



Empty yer pockets...

Jordan Awan Solo Show!

"I Think I've Come To See Myself At Last," acrylic on canvas, 8"X10", 2008

Pink Elephant Projects presents

Jordan Awan
It's Not That I Don't Want To Live,
It's That I Don't Want To Die

Opening Friday April 4, 8- 10pm
April 4- May 10, 2008

64 Washington Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205 Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm

Directions: G train to Clinton- Washington, exit via NE Washington stairs, walk north 4 blocks to 64 Washington Ave.


3 days til the vernal equinox!

enjoy the rest of St. Paddy's day



If only football still looked like this today.
Here's a link to the trailer.


vexing the vespertine

I found some great photos of owls in defensive poses on the web and definitely had to include one in a piece.

Curves? Sacrilege!

So I'm back with a few new changes on the website:
rounded experiments in coloring... not quite sure of how i feel about it yet.
lots of new work to come!

also royalty free sound effects here
and royalty free video, audio and text here


◊ Tomby portfolio site ◊

So I came into some webspace recently and decided to put up a portfolio site of my favorite blog images. It's super basic at the moment as I am working on jazzin' it up, but you should all go take a look. Comments/suggestions welcome! I'll be sure to let you all know when the finished site takes it's place.


Shades of time.

Who's ready for spring or at least a proper winter blizzard. This middle of the road weather does nothing for me.



I'm working on some long-term projects at the moment- including a proper tomby website! So keep an eye out. I'll be back with a new illo tomorrow.