Shouts and Murmurs!

I illustrated the Shouts and Murmurs article, "Community Service," by Allison Silverman in this week's New Yorker!
Check out the article here. It's a good one– particularly if you're a Brooklynite.

Here's an earlier version of the illustration before a dimension change!

Thanks again, Nick and Jordan!


Scissor Sisters for the New Yorker and Eating Local for The New York Times Op-Ed.


spots for CityLife's year end issue

(click to enlarge)
Thanks, Maureen!

NYer World Changer spots

Here are a bunch of spots for a recent issue of The New Yorker! I really enjoyed working in this format. Thanks again, Max!


Sports Illustrated Kids

Here are a couple of illustrations for the December issue of Sports Illustrated Kids. Thanks again, Beth!


The Blip Festival

An illustration of the Blip Festival for Max Bode at The New Yorker! Find out more about the festival here.

Lost at E Minor interview

Here's an interview I did recently for Ilana at Lost at E Minor. I answer a few questions about my illustration 'split personality.' Check it out here!


some fun with faces and pallettes---